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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Michael Brunnock Making Waves With New Album The Orchard

By Wayne Dean Doyle

This might just be the kicker, that Michael Brunnock‘s music career deserves. The new album, “The Orchard”, by Michael Brunnock, has more emotive content than the final stages of the Titanic. It’s very difficult not to become reflective as an individual while listening to this album, like a guiding hand which forces you to become more in depth about yourself and the world around you. Quite simply, just magnificent and real food for thought.

Catchy and heartfelt from every note to the unassuming soothing voice of Brunnock and the ceaseless sweet cords of his five-band piece. Michael emigrated from Ireland and relocated to New York more than a decade ago, preforming at home with bands such as, Little Palace, The Van Winkles and Dead Can Dance’s, Brendan Perry. Michael seems to have a great sense of Identity, which is a binary fiber throughout his music.

Michael opened for The Frames and The Swell Season, on sold out American tours, whilst also squeezing in appearances on TV shows such as FOX 5's ‘Fearless Music'. Brunnock’s vocal ability received even greater recognition, when his soulful voice guided Sean Penn, through an emotional Journey in, This Must Be the Place (2012).

Brunnock has a rich and almost seductive ability, in this infectious thirteen-track album. He draws listeners in and captivates them, in a somewhat lost sense of time. A mish mash of David Gray and the Killers, without the over emphasized penetrating music, instead it is replaced with a clean cut reliance, on a somewhat soothing meditative voice, which grows and grows. Michael offers an intriguing album, with extremely deep heart felt lyrics for many to connect to. Simply put, very effective in terms of conveying a message.

Similarly with Bruce Springsteen’s latest album, Wrecking Ball, Michael sings of a pictorial magical show and the emotive upheavals of the many, which regardless of what you do in terms of career or life, really hits the nail on the head. It’s a difficult task to pick a favorite track within this album, as each track for the most part, has its own unique tale and identifiable characteristics.

Take Game Changer, track seven for example, extremely catchy and packed with loveable lyrics. The song could easily be applied to the various situations in life we are faced with on a daily basis. The first few seconds of Circle, reminds me somewhat of the 1916 rising, but again, its the ability of Michael’s voice and music to allow listeners to associate his music with such special events in ones heritage and life. Track thirteen; Down by the Araglin, reminded me so much of Ireland, it has a chirpy quality which leaves you toe tapping and swaying without even noticing.

There is certainly an Irish heritage embedded within this track. It would seem unfair not to mention, Sensation, which simply sucked me into a fantasy world with its amazing harmonies. Hearing this live, really did peel back the skin of somewhat buried complex issues, of one’s identity and oneself.

As for the rest, you will just have to visit the link below and immerse yourself in a lyrically beautiful compiled album, an escape from the madness which surrounds our lives today. A five-piece band, with boundless energy and synchronization systematically morphed together, to convey a great deal of trust amongst the members.

These guys were simply magical, a must listen to album. Open a beverage whilst listening to the crackling fire alongside these ardent enraptured tracks. In terms of rating, because this type of album will appeal to the masses and has a moving quality, one would unquestionably have to give an eight out of ten, for this little gem.