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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Media Company Advertising Child sex Trafficking

Village Voice media executives aware of back child sex trafficking.

By Wayne Doyle is America’s number one online platform for advertising sex with minors. Despite letters from over 51 law offices to Village voice media outlining over 50 cases in 22 different U.S states, the media company refuses to prevent the adverts being placed.’s terms and conditions clearly highlight that advertisements of such a nature impede and violate the company’s T&C’s. “Village Voice Media executives are fully aware that their site is used as a platform for child sex trafficking, but have done close to nothing to stop it” stated , an organisation Petitioning against this gross and inhumane sex trafficking ring.

Norman Barnes was arrested in Massachusetts, within ten days he had already made €17,000. He made this large sum of money by forcing a 15 year old girl to have sex with up to eight men for ten days. The truth is, he couldn’t have done it without, which is owned by
Village Voice Media.

“Village Voice Media earns $22.7 million a year from its adult services ads on, which it may have to shut down completely too effectively prevent the site from being used as a platform for selling sex with children” stated

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