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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Amateur International Boxing Association wants Female Boxers to “Wear Skirts”.

By Wayne Doyle

Female boxing is about to make history, but unfortunately it has been undermined with the bizarre suggestion that female boxers should wear skirts.

The upcoming London games will see female boxing for the first time but female competitors have been asked to wear skirts in order to distinguish themselves from male competitors.

However, the view that sexualising the sport and using women to do so is not only unjust, but also that it has nothing to do with sport and only serves to enforce gender stereotypes.

Britain's Natasha Jonas was damning in her criticism of the idea, saying: "The only people who would want to see women in skirts are men."

Athletes from other sports such as Tennis and Badminton have voiced their opinions, stating that these athletes wear skirts so why shouldn’t female boxers.

Watch this space !!

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