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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We Don't Have Much Time For Talking

What a Weekend in Irish Politics. The inevitable has occurred with the complete decimation of Fianna Fail. The anger could be seen throughout the country but no one could have predicted such a display from voters as FF hit an all time low, Eamon De Valera will be turning in his grave. As the newly elected Fine Gael and Labour open crunch talks today, the big question still remains. Can the two parties set aside there difference's and indeed form a coalition in the interest of the country.The party leaders met last night for a period of 80 minutes in Leinster House to begin to hammer out a foundation on which both parties can operate on. Both parties must note that time is of the essence as Europe applies the pressure to conclude a deal within the coming days. the public made it clear they never trusted a single party government and to be honest I would be of a similar opinion, but a coalition between two political parties whom have extremely different policies will be extremely difficult.The general consensus from the public people seems to be : a fresh start and a new begging, a glimmer of hope begins to flicker in the distance. The candle which was effectively blown over by Fianna Fail seems to be upright again and trying to reignite itself. Watch this space.


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