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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Calm Before the storm

A great day, weather is brilliant and sun is shining. Funny,do you remember those summers as a child when they always seemed longer and better than the present? When the smell of freshly cut grass swept you away in a summers day? Today is very nostalgic for me. A rare happiness simply because the weather is good. Without banging on about the looming election to much I just have a few questions to put to potential voters before they decide tomorrow. Firstly what are the parties policies? Do you understand them? how realistic are they? and lets not forget what this election is about. Its about you the voter and what the government can do for you and your family. Firstly under the Ahern era The Freedom of Information act took an unprecedented battering. Under the act taxpayers are untitled to question the whereabouts of their money and what it is being spent on. For some strange reason NAMA is out of this acts reach, which i quite frankly find bizarre. Political parties and its representatives should be held accountable as to where our money is being spent. For private donations to political parties, we as the public should be also able to see the paper trail . Transparency , accountability and honesty are words which are been thrown round by these political parties in order to reassure the voters and gain popularity. But which political party or parties look the most likely to fulfill these promises?


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