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Monday, February 21, 2011

Upcoming elections

With the up coming elections some people will feel bombarded with fliers and false promises for the majority of us, but please pay attention and vote. there is the argument that there isn't much choice and I agree, but we do need to vote a government into power in the coming days. I must say I am angry and bemused at the prospect of Dylan Haskins looking to effect change when he clearly hasn't a clue what has been going on in the households of this country over the past few months. No offence Dylan, great job its great to see young people such as ourselves taking an interest in our future's. But how can somebody who stands in a Tommy Hilfiger shirt and clearly comes from a middle class background talk about effecting change in the country when they don't have a clue what is going on in it. But its not just this candidate, there are many more. in order for somebody to understand what the hell is going on in this country they need to be able to experience it first hand, and spineless candidates who tell people on our streets they understand whats going on should be ashamed of themselves, because you don't. The social deprivation of this country is shocking. this was a great country and still has the ability to be, but we must whittle out the dead wood and differentiate between lies and the truth it is only then that we as a society can move forward.

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