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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We Need Leadership and Maturity at this time

Not long to go now at all. Whilst watching the leaders debate last night I couldn't help but notice Enda Kenny was in the middle again. This is definitely a visual advantage and he was in the centre of the stage the previous night also. This might not seem like much but sub consciously our attention is always on him. He looked very calm and composed again last night although he did not put his hand in his pocket and take a drink of water, again all the gestures of a man who is calm and collected. I think last night when Mr. Kenny was questioned about the six billion in cuts which must take place over the coming months he slipped up in an almost perfect performance. Citing your website shows lack of knowledge on the proposed cuts needed. I am divided down the middle about a coalition between FG and Labour, the two parties have been hacking lumps out of each other over the past couple of weeks. An overview of the situation would be this : its time to grow up for the sake of the country. Which ever party or parties gets in to government obviously needs to renegotiate the gremlin in the pockets of every Irish peron which is the IMF. Lets be under no illusions here, all these guys care about is keeping their euro train moving. I am well aware that without the EU, Ireland simply wouldn't be as efficient as it is today, but to what extent should we pay for there generosity? We need a leader who will break the mould, We need a leader who can empathize with the smallest minority within our society, most of all we need a mature efficient government. All we can do is Wait.


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