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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Next

I’m sitting here thinking what I can productively do for an investigative journalism assignment. I am cautious that I might come across left wing sometimes so I want to broaden my view and use factual information to back up my theories in relation to the topic of choice.

I have decided to investigate the impact of the recent budget cuts on education in the Wicklow Area and what implications these cuts will have in the coming years.

I believe that education is an extremely important pillar within society and in order to maintain a healthy flourishing mind one needs to continuously look to educate oneself. Obviously for a young teenager this is the last thing on their mind and understandably so, but if we can stress and show the importance of education in the long term development of a young mind we will be taking a giant leap in tackling some serious social problems. The focus of my investigation will be on how the cuts will impede on the progress that has been made and could have been made. I hope you find this interesting.

I will keep you updated on my finding.


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